Detox Your Mind and Body with E Fasting

E Fasting – Detox Your Mind and Body With E Fasting

Fasting has long been a key component in many ancient peoples and civilizations. It was a practice used to cleanse the body and prepare it for important ceremonies.

Research shows that intermittent fasting can help people control cravings. It also increases insulin sensitivity and reduces blood pressure. It can also reduce cholesterol levels and increase b-hydroxybutyrate, a compound that fights age-related inflammation.

1. Limit Your Social Media Use

It takes time to break old habits, but a few simple steps can make it easier to limit social media use. One option is to delete social media apps from your phone and only access them using the browser on a computer. This helps reduce temptation because the experience on a browser is much more difficult than on an app.

Another way to reduce temptation is to move social media apps to a different screen on your smartphone so they aren’t the first thing you see when you pick up your phone or tablet. This will help you focus on more functional apps and stop the compulsive checking that can lead to addiction.

Finally, try apps like Forest which provides visual motivation to stay focused by planting a virtual tree each time you don’t check your phone.

2. Turn Off Alerts and Notifications

To avoid getting distracted by notifications, consider disabling them altogether. If you don’t want to disable your alerts completely, you can also choose not to receive immediate notifications or schedule a summary instead. This will make you think twice before opening the app and may help you avoid checking it too often. You can also remove the apps from your smartphone and only access them from a desktop or laptop computer, which will reduce the temptation to check them frequently.

3. Set a Fast Day

When it comes to eating, the best way to start a traditional or time-restricted fast is to go slow. For example, if you’re used to eating every hour that you’re awake, start with a 12 hours on/off window and gradually work up to eight.

Also, if you’re planning on trying a diet like the 5:2 Diet that requires 2 days a week of eating very little, try changing your eating schedule slowly over a few weeks or even months. This will help prevent a shock to your system when you actually begin the program.

Finally, determine why you’re fasting and use this purpose to bolster your resolve against cravings. You can’t be serious about seeking God’s guidance while playing the hokey pokey with your fast.

4. Detox Your Mind

While it’s important to detox your body, it’s equally as important to detox your mind. Whether you struggle with mental fatigue, stress, anxiety or pessimism, a mental detox can help you regain control of your life.

A mental detox can include anything from limiting your time on social media to spending more time outdoors. It can also include finding healthy ways to vent or express the things that bother you, such as writing it all down in a journal.

If you find it difficult to break your addiction to news, try unfollowing news accounts or turning off notifications on your phone. You can also try reading a book or watching a TV show instead of the news. Taking a break from the news can help you refocus your energy and reduce your stress levels.

5. Reclaim Your Life

If you’re struggling with social media addiction, e fasting is a great way to detox your mind. By limiting your time on social media, turning off alerts and notifications, and setting up a schedule for when you’ll check your emails, you can take back control of your digital habits and live the life you want to lead.

Another technique, inspired by intermittent fasting, is to set up a specific window of time for online activities and only engage in those times, essentially doing an elimination diet for your digital habits. The key is to determine your values and choose online activities that bring immense value to your life. This will make it easier to stick with your e fasting plan. You can also try removing your social media apps from your phone, which may reduce the temptation to check them constantly.

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